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SNW 014: Part 2 of 3: How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve

How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve

Part 2 of 3 – Trust: How To Change Your Beliefs So You Can Achieve Your Dreams
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Episode Summary:
In this episode, which is part 2 of a 3-part special, you will discover:
* The reason why only 1% of the worlds population achieve their dreams and fulfil their life purpose
* Why changing your beliefs and trusting that you will have the life you want and deserve is such an essential step if you want to live your life to its full potential.
* How to get your subconscious mind believing that you can achieve all your dreams and fulfill your life purpose (with one very simple strategy).


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Episode Transcript:

“I believe that peoples beliefs are severely restricting…”

their freedom, success and happiness today.
And I hope everyone listening to this show is now beginning to realise that they don’t have to accept the reality of what they’ve been given.
That they do have this OPPORTUNITY to change their beliefs and change their worlds. That they do have the OPPORTUNITY to create their dream life and live their life with purpose.
Because, you know, people talk about opportunities like they’re rare. Like there’s a finite number of them and you’d better make sure you grab one when they come along – because you don’t know when there will be another one.
But surely life itself is THE opportunity?
Life itself is your opportunity to feel worthwhile, engaged and fulfilled.
Life itself is your opportunity to be full of wonder, happiness, joy and love
Life itself is THE opportunity for you to fulfill your life purpose, make your mark on the world and to do what you LOVE to do.
But there’s this big myth…
this great misconception, that having massive success, achieving great things in life and making a difference is NOT within reach for ordinary people like us.
Achievements and success and fulfillment like that, well that’s only available to the elite among us. Only the top 1% of the population can achieve everything they want to achieve.
So we give ourselves excuses…
“Yes… I know they’ve achieved this, I know they’ve achieved that.
But I’m not like them.
I don’t have their talent, skills or luck.
I’m not as well-spoken as them, I’m not as charismatic as them, I wouldn’t be taken as seriously as them…
I’m not as good as them and those opportunities are only available for the few.”
Well, let me tell you…
Sir James Dyson blew all of his life savings on 5,126 FAILED attempts developing his vacuum.
“You’re too stupid to learn anything” – that was what the teachers told Thomas Edison.
Albert Einstein was slow in learning to talk and, in general, had difficulty communicating and learning as a child.
Walt Disney not only dropped out of school at just 16, he was also fired from a local newspaper publication in Kansas because his editor believed he “lacked imagination and had NO good ideas!”
And when she began writing the first Harry Potter novel, JK Rowling was a single mother on welfare.
These are not extraordinary people.
These are ordinary people… ordinary people that achieved extraordinary things.
And, let me also tell you, that it may only be 1% of the worlds population that have achieved their dreams and fulfilled their life purpose.
But that’s not because there’s a limit on how many people can live the life of their dreams.
There’s no worldwide cap on how many people are allowed to fulfill their life purpose.
There’s good reason only 1% achieve their dreams and fulfill their life purpose is because only 1% of the population:
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #2
First, take the time to clarify what their dreams are and what their life purpose, and
Second, only 1% of the population believe that they CAN achieve it, and
Third, only 1% of the worldwide population take the consistent action needed to  ACTUALLY achieve it.
That’s the reason so few people have their dream life and why so few people achieve their life purpose. It’s because they don’t apply all three steps.
And those 3 steps are the foundations of the Dream Trust Achieve method. The method I created so I could achieve my dreams and fulfill my life purpose and what I’m now sharing with you so you can do the same.
In the previous episode, I went through Step 1 of this method (which I call the ‘Dream – Discovery and Summary’ step) and explained how you unearth your dreams and discover your life purpose.
If you missed it, you either listen to or watch that episode HERE.
But so this episode will still make sense to you,
here’s a quick summary of what was covered last week:
First, to discover your life purpose you should imagine yourself waking up on your birthday at the end of your life. You then think about what it is you have achieved that would have given you the greatest sense of achievement, the greatest sense of fulfillment.
To help you start thinking about this, grab a sheet of paper and write down the paragraph…
I woke up early on my 100th birthday.
(and you adjust that birthday number to whatever you’re comfortable with)
So, I woke up early on my 100th birthday
I walked over to my window and opened the curtains
As I looked out on to the garden, I noticed the warm glowing colours of the most beautiful sunrise reflecting off the morning dew.
And in that moment of quiet serenity I felt an amazing sense of gratitude for…
And you just finish that last sentence.
And then
Second, was to discover and summarise how the rest of your life would like if you were living your dream life. To help you organise your thoughts I divided ‘life’ up into 7 categories. So you need a further 7 sheets of paper and on the top of each page write down one of the following life categories:
#1- Spirituality and Character
#2 – Health and fitness
#3 – Family, friends, social relationships
#4 – Career, business, work
#5 – Love, romance, partners
#6 – Wealth, recreation, quality of life
#7 – Community, Charity and Contribution
You then choose one of those categories and you think about what that particular area of your life would look like if everything was perfect… if you we’re living your dream life.
Once you start coming up with some ideas, write them down on the page as short statements.
But, and this is important, you write down the statements as they are fact – already a reality in your life – whether they are yet or not.
Then that’s part 1 of the dream trust achieve method done.
You’ve got 7 pages detailing what your dream life would look like, in every area of your life and you’ve got a further page summarising your life purpose… you’ve just created your ‘8-Page Life Planner’.
And, if you join the Dream trust achieve academy – which is free – there is a ‘8-page life planner’ template available for you to download. Members also receive a 3-part video training series that goes deeper into this dream trust achieve method. To become a member of the academy go to and enter your name and email address there.
Ok, so lets’ move on to the TRUST part of the Dream Trust Achieve Method.
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #2
The purpose of this trust step is to get your subconscious mind believing that you can achieve all your dreams and fulfill your life purpose that you’ve written down in your 8-Page life planner.
To get you to a position where you think to yourself:
“I will achieve, receive and experience everything I want in life… and I TRUST in that.”
And the most effective strategy I’ve found for doing that is this…
Create a short video summarising your dream life and your life purpose.
It may sound like much work, but it’s a simple 4-step process that anyone can do and it doesn’t take that much time to create.
Now if you’re not sure creating a short video is worth your time and effort, then I would ask you to take these two factor into consideration:
First, it works. It’s an extremely powerful strategy for changing your beliefs; and
Second, it’s fun to do! You’re creating a mini movie of your dream life!
O.k, let me talk you through the 4 steps you need to take to get this to work for you.
Step 1 – Create A Meme For Each Statement In Your Life Planner
And for those of you that don’t know a meme is simply an image with text laid over the top.
So for this step, you need to go through pages 1 to 7 of your life planner and make a meme for each statement you’ve written down.
For example, under the category ‘Health and Fitness’ one of my statements is…
“Every cell in my body is whole, healthy and complete.”
And then to create my meme for that statement, I found an image containing many healthy cells and wrote “Every cell in my body is whole healthy and complete” over the top of the image.
It’s that easy because these memes don’t have to be anything fancy, or clever.
Just an image that makes sense to you, with the statement you’re making, and then you write your statement over the top of it.
Now there’s 100’s of free apps, on both IOS and Android, that easily create these Memes.
You don’t need any technical knowledge or design skills.
Just search for meme-generator in the app store and select one you like the look of.
If you’d prefer to create them on a desktop, then you could use websites such as ‘make a meme’ or ‘img flip
And below are a few examples of the memes I used in my video:
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #2
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #2
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #2
As for the images themselves…
Well you can use your own of course.
And because they’re for your private use, you should be fine using anything you find in Google images.
I can also recommend a couple of good websites which have free stock photographs.
One is  and the other is
O.k, so let’s recap.
First, pick one of your dream life statements,
Second, select an image that you would like to use for that statement and
Third, write your statement over the image, using a free meme creating app.
Once you’ve done that, you can move on to…
Step 2 – Import Your Memes Into FREE Video Editing Software
So this step is all about collecting all the memes you created and placing them into a free video editing app, so you can create a video of them.
Once again, loads of free apps that will allow you to easily do that.
Two of the more well known FREE ones are:
iMovie Maker which is available in both Mac and IOS versions.
And Windows Movie Maker, which is a preinstalled desktop app on the Windows operating system.
Whichever one you choose, they are all simple and straightforward to use.
So once you have your movie app, you just pull in all your memes you’ve created and place them side by side in the timeline of your video editor.
And I would suggest having each meme run for around 4 to 5 seconds.
I also recommend having your memes organised by life category.
So, maybe start with all your ‘spirituality and character’ images, followed by all your health and fitness ones, then family and friends and so on.
And the reason I say that is I strongly recommend adding music to your video.
And if your memes are organised in their life categories, you can add a piece of music that complements each category.
For example, for you love romance and partners category you could your favourite love song, or a song that reminds you of meeting your partner.
For your wealth, recreation and quality of life category you may choose a song that gets you fired up, or inspired.
So add music (and I’ll explain why that’s so important shortly) and I recommend choosing the right music to complement each category of your life.
So this is where we are at:
You’ve created a meme for each statement that you wrote down in your life planner
You have imported all of those memes into your video making app and
You’ve added your favourite music to complement each category of your life
There’s one more step before you create your video and that’s…
Step 3 – Closing Credits: containing your Life Purpose and Gratitude
So in this step you’re going to create a closing credit sequence, just like you find at the end of any TV programme or movie.
Let me explain to you the thinking behind this.
You’ve created all your memes, category by category, statement by statement with that will now become a short video of your dream life.
Now, imagine yourself watching this video…
1st Scene ‘Spirituality and Character’… your music starts playing, and your first image comes up with the words “I live my life with passion and purpose”
then next… another image with the words “I find absolute joy in every moment”
But obviously with your statements on and then all the remaining slides from that scene appear one by one.
Then Scene 2 starts playing ‘Health and Fitness’ the music steps up a notch and your memes start playing one by one with your statements on…
And then on to scene 3, and then scene 4 and so until all seven scenes have played out.
That’s your dream life in a movie – right in front of you – with all your favourite music and then, to finish your life movie off…
You have your end credits.
And I recommend you start your end credits with these words…
As I woke up early on my 100th birthday (or whatever birthday you would like that to be for you)
I walked over to the window and opened the curtains
As I looked out on to the garden, I noticed the warm glowing colours of the most beautiful sunrise reflecting of the morning dew
And in that moment of quiet serenity I felt an amazing sense of gratitude for…
Then you add your life purpose summary on page 8 of your life planner.
That, in itself, is so, so powerful. Can you imagine watching your life movie and then at the end titles roll and you start with you at the end of your life feeling such gratitude for achieving your life purpose.
And then to give this even more power…
After your life purpose summary write ‘Thank You’.
You know like after some movies and TV shows in the rolling credits they’ll have ‘thank you’ and then list all the people or organisations that helped them.
Well, you do the same.
You put ‘Thank You’ and then simply list all the things you want to be thankful for at the end of your life:
For example, your health, your family, your friends and so on
You simply create a list of everything that you’ve been grateful for.
Now, most video editors will have various end credit templates.
And you can simply choose your favourite one and just add the text.
But, if you’re unsure how to create end credits on the video editing software you use, search YouTube to learn how to do it.
Trust me, it is worth the effort.
So once you’ve created your end credits, added your favourite song to it…
Press the button in your movie editor software to create the video!
It’s also a good idea to save your video project as well at this stage.
There will be times when you will want to go back in to your video editor and change things around a bit.
Maybe delete some memes and add new ones as your ideas develop further.
And you don’t want to start creating your video from scratch each time.
So that’s it. You’ve created your very own dream life movie!
Now on to the final step.
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #2
Step 4 – Watch Daily and Listen Regularly
You’ve created your dream life video – now you need to watch.
As much as you can. Everyday if possible. Twice a day is even better.
You need to change your beliefs so you believe you can achieve your dream life and fulfil your life purpose.
The reason for your video is to convince your subconscious mind that this is now real… this is your new reality.
That’s why it was so important to write down all your dream life statements as fact.
Because you’ll be watching your video and, subconsciously, you’re seeing…
“I always have enough money to live the life of my dreams”; or
 “I always weigh my ideal healthy weight”
Rather than seeing…
“I want to save enough money to buy this new car in a few years”; or
“I would like to lose 2 stone before my next holiday”
Your subconscious mind isn’t going to change when you’re feeding it hopes or wishes.
It’s I am… not I want.
Because your subconscious mind hasn’t got a clue on what’s real or not – what’s fact or imagined.
And you know that to be true, because your existing beliefs are not reality. It’s just what your subconscious has took as reality, because it had nothing else to go on.
And that’s also why you’ll cry watching a sad scene in a TV programme – you know it’s not real, but you’re crying!
Or, if you’re anything like me, and you don’t want to be seen crying you’ll talk to your subconscious in your head and tell it… “Don’t get upset, don’t be stupid, this is not real”
Your video is playing your NEW reality to your subconscious mind.
The video is conditioning your subconscious, telling it that this is your life now and it’s not up for debate.
But you do have to watch it regularly.
I watched mine twice a day most days, and once a day everyday, for well over a year.
And now, I still watch it at least once a week.
You know, I want to make sure my beliefs don’t start slipping. I need to remind myself – now and again – that this is my reality now.
So watch your video regularly and when you’re out and about, you can listen to the soundtrack.
That’s why it was important to add music to your video.
Because, after you’ve watched your video many times, just hearing the music will trigger the image of the meme in your mind.
So you’re receiving the benefits of the video, even when you’re just listening to the music.
And I know I keep repeating myself, but that’s because this will not work otherwise…
But keep watching and listening often. Very often.
And don’t stop because you don’t see any benefits after watching the video half a dozen times.
Think about how old you are. Well that’s how many years of beliefs and social conditioning that your video is trying to change.
It’s going to take time. Be patient.
And, realise, the further removed your dreams are from your current set of beliefs, the longer it’s going to take.
But, overtime, this is what happens:
To start with your subconscious mind see’s the video, listens to the music and thinks… “yeah whatever.”
But you refuse to accept it. You keep plugging away.
You keep watching the video, you keep listening to the music, you keep dwelling on it in your mind and then, gradually, your subconscious starts accepting what you’re telling it.
And it’s position moves from ‘Yeah, whatever” to…
“hang on… you seem convinced this is true… are you sure?” To…
“Oh, this is true… well I’d better start moving you towards your new beliefs then!”
And it’s such a natural progression… why?
Because your subconscious mind will always keep you within the realms of what you believe to be true. Your subconscious mind will always prove you right.
So, if you  can change your beliefs, your subconscious mind will not fail you.
It will give you all the ideas you need, make you aware of all the opportunities you need and give you all the confidence and determination you need to succeed. It will move you to where you now believe you should be.
You have to take action, it doesn’t all just magically fall in your lap.
But it’s not a fight, not a struggle.
There’s more flow to everything you do and you’re more motivated to take the action because you’re working towards your dreams and your life purpose!
And what action you take and how you keep yourself on track so you actually achieve everything you want to achieve in your life, is what I’ll share with you in the episode.
But until then realise whatever you currently believe, whatever your current circumstances are, you have a choice.
You can choose to accept them, or you can choose change them.
And if you choose to change them, then some work has to be done. Because nothing will change until you change your beliefs.
You need to invest time and work on yourself.
You need to invest time  and work on changing your beliefs.
And it will seem like slow progress to begin with.
But with determination and patience, it becomes easier and the changes happen faster.
Because, the more you see your beliefs grow, the more encouraged you’ll become.
Then the more encouraged you become, the more confident you become and the quicker your beliefs grow.
And this chain reaction builds and builds and creates a momentum that will eventually take you to a place where you’ll experience the second most wonderful feeling in the world after Love…
And that’s TRUST.
You’ll trust that everything is achievable, you’ll trust your abilities, you’ll trust your judgement… you’ll trust LIFE… you’ll trust it will be.
So start your journey towards the life you want and deserve, now.
Because this week, these days, this ‘NOW’ is going to pass anyway. So why not make this ‘NOW’ a super now? A super ‘NOW’ that makes you go ‘WOW!’

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