Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve (Part 1 of 3)
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SNW 013: How To Achieve The Life You Want And Deserve: Part #1 of 3

How to achieve the life you want and deserve: Part #1 of 3

Episode Summary:
This episode is part 1, of a 3-part special, where I take you back to a period of my life where I had almost given up.
And I don’t mean that in a suicidal sense, I mean it in the sense that I had lost all ambition, direction and hope.
It was a time where I was just going through the motions. Like my life was on autopilot.
In these next 3 episodes, I’ll explain to you the exact 3-part method I developed and used to ‘re-ignite’ my life.
Today’s episode focuses on how you can discover your dreams and find your life purpose.
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Episode Transcript:

“I believe there has never been a time in our history…”

that has offered so much freedom, information and opportunity for us to enjoy the rewarding, fulfilled and happy life we want.
I also believe everyone should honour themselves and their abilities.
Honour their opportunity and their potential and stop living their life restrained by the opinion of others, their irrational fears and limiting beliefs.
We owe it to ourselves, our family, friends… and the world to be able to get to the end of our lives and think:
“You know what, that was great.
I’ve lived a purposeful life.
Yes, there’s been some tough times…
Yes, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I’ve had my fair share of failures.
But I’ve lived a worthwhile, enthusiastic, engaged and fulfilled life.
That’s been full of wonder, happiness, abundance, joy, and love.
And I feel proud and blessed to have achieved everything I wanted to.”
Because life should be fun, exciting, fulfilling and yes… sometimes challenging, but ultimately rewarding… right?
And, of course, everyone would agree with that, but…
For many people, life is not like that.
Life can often feel a struggle, become monotonous and feel unrewarding.
Full of worry and fear about money, jobs, or their businesses, the economy, their future, their families future.
Yes, they have the daydreams, the thoughts and ideas circulating in the back of their minds…
But their fears and limiting beliefs stops them from developing those ideas further.
Killing their dreams without giving them a chance.
And I know this happens, because I’ve faced all those struggles myself.
I’ve woken up in the night with cold sweats worrying about the future.
I’ve lived through the times where I longed for Fridays so I didn’t have to face the world for a few days over the weekend.
I’ve had dreams that I’ve been so excited about, I couldn’t get to sleep.
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #1
Only for me to think to myself the following day:
“You could never do that… you’re not intelligent enough, or charismatic enough, or you can’t speak well enough, or write well enough…
who do you think you are?!!”
And I’ve also been responsible for a business failure.
For those of you who are new to the show and don’t know my story, back 2008 I had to liquidate one of my companies because it was in too much financial trouble.
For the next two years I just drifted through life, doing the bare minimum.
I felt depressed, lethargic and pessimistic.
I lost all passion for life.
By 2010, it got so bad I knew I had to try to do something.
I knew I had to find out the reason why I was feeling and acting like I was.
I also wanted to understand why my business failed,
I wanted to understand why I kept making the same mistakes in life…
and why I kept experiencing the same problems?
In short, I wanted to understand ‘who I was?’.
And I realise that may sounds silly…
But ‘Who was I?’
What were my beliefs, my morals and values?
What was my philosophy on life and where did they all come from?
So, I went away and learned.
I wanted to learn how the brain created thoughts, stored and retrieved memories and developed beliefs. So I studied neuroscience and neuropsychology.
I studied behaviour, perception, relationships, cultural conditioning, human potential and a wide range of personal development methods.
I listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of audio programs, read countless blogs, magazine articles and reports.
I’ve studied, in detail, some of the most successful people in the world. To gain insights on how they manage, how they think.
And those 6 or 7 years of education led me to the biggest, most important, discovery of my life.
And it was this.
It’s our past that’s deciding our future.
YOUR past is deciding YOUR future.
Your future happiness, your future earnings, wealth, relationships and careers.
Your past is deciding what kind of property you live in and where, your social standing and what holidays you have and how often you have them.
Your past is deciding what fears you have, your health and your phobias.
Your past is deciding how you react in different situations, the types of arguments you’ll have and what makes you happy or sad, anxious or confident, angry or calm.
Your past is even deciding how long you will live…
And I say that, because everything that I’ve just mentioned are your beliefs.
Beliefs which were formed by the environment you grew up in, the opinions of others, the experiences you’ve witnessed and the experiences you’ve had.
Beliefs that are not reality.
Just your perception of what is achievable or not achievable, of what is realistic or not realistic, what you believe you deserve or do not deserve.
And you will always live your life within the boundaries of what you believe to be possible or not, what you believe to be true or not.
And that one realisation, that one breakthrough…
 Was life changing for me.
Because I now knew…
Why I felt the way I did,
Why I acted the way I did and
Why I believed what I did.
Now I knew that, I could work out a way to change my beliefs and be the person I wanted to be, living the life I wanted to live.
And over these next three episodes, I’m going to share with you the exact three part Dream Trust Achieve Method I created and used in my own life.
A method that took me from a place of no passion, little confidence, ambition, hope or direction – to someone who feels alive again.
Living a fulfilled, exciting and rewarding life.
Living a life with complete clarity of whom I am and the dreams I am going to achieve.
Living a confident life that is now aligned with my life purpose.
The ‘Dream Trust Achieve Method’ will show you…
 First, how to unearth what your dreams are and what your life purpose is?
 Second, the method I used to change my beliefs from “I can’t do that” to “I’m going to have the life I want and deserve and I trust in that.”
This step is critical. Because if you don’t believe you’ll achieve your dreams, then you won’t.
 Third, it will show you how to keep yourself on track, achieve your dreams and fulfill your life purpose.
Now before we go through the first part of the Dream. Trust. Achieve Method, there’s a question I would like you to ask yourself.
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #1
What age do you believe you’ll live to?
I’m asking you to think about this because…
  1. It’s an important part of the process I’m about to share with you and
  2. It’s also an important part of your life!
And look, I don’t want to sound morbid but, think about this…
Don’t you find it strange that whenever you listen to any guru about goal-setting or achieving dreams – they never mention life expectancy?
Now for me, being alive is one of my top priorities!
And, as you will discover over the coming weeks, subconsciously you will have a set of beliefs on what you can or cannot achieve, own or experience in every single part of your life.
And yes, this includes a belief on how long you will live.
So, try to have a think about it and see if you can come up with an age.
Now, if your answer is low… don’t panic!
Mine was as well.
My dad died when he was 54, my step-dad died in his early 60’s. The closest two males in my life had never even made it to retirement!
So when I sat down and started thinking about how old I would live to, I couldn’t see myself living beyond 60.
If you have the same problem, this is what I did and it could work for you to:
I started by writing down that I would live to 70.
My beliefs said 60 years – so to imagine I could live to seventy wasn’t too much of a stretch.
And this is an important point.
Never stretch what you believe to be possible so far, that you don’t even take it seriously.
Let me explain what I mean by that.
I believed I wouldn’t live beyond 60 years.
My overall dream was to live, in sound health body and mind, for at least 100 years.
Now, if I jumped from 60 years to 100 years in one step – my subconscious mind would have dismissed outright.
In other words, the difference between what I believed and what I wanted was so large – my mind wouldn’t have taken me seriously.
That’s why I started with the idea of living for 70 years.
There was still a difference between the 60 years that I believed I would live to and the 70 years I now wanted to live to.
But it was close enough for my mind not to dismiss the idea out of hand.
But, of course, my dream was still to live to 100.
So this is what I did:
First, I dwelt on living to 70 for weeks.
I kept imagining myself waking up on my 70th birthday
Pictured what I looked like and the clothes I was wearing
Until one day, and it took around a month, I became comfortable with the idea that I would live to 70.
I now believed I would.
I had altered my belief on how long I would live.
Second, I repeated the process of imagining myself waking up on my birthday, what I looked like and the clothes I was wearing.
Except this time it was my 71st birthday.
I already believed I was going to live to 70, so it only took a day or two to accept I was now going to live to 71.
Third, I then I imagined myself waking up on my 72nd birthday, then my 73rd and I kept repeating the process until, eventually, I believed I would live for 100 years.
Now, when I think about living to 100, instead of hearing dismissive voice inside my head saying, “Whatever, be realistic.”
I now, instantly, imagine myself waking up on my 100th birthday.
And you wouldn’t believe how much my life has changed, without any conscious effort from me, since my beliefs have changed from I’m living to 60 years old to I’m now living to 100 years old.
This process is so powerful…
and you can apply that method to any area of your life.
Ok, now let me take you through the first part of the Dream Trust Achieve Method, that I call…
Dream: Discovery and Summary
As the name suggest, this stage is all about discovering what your dreams are and then summarising them on paper.
And to help you organise and develop your ideas, I’ve developed a very simple tool called ‘The 8 Page Life Planner’.
And there’s only two steps you need to take.
Step 1
This is discovering and then summarising your one overriding life purpose.
Or, you may prefer to call it your mission, or your life story. What you call it doesn’t matter – it’s the one thing above all else you want to achieve in your life.
Step 2
Discovering and summarising how the rest of your life would be if you had your dream life.
 Ok, so let’s go through the first step.
The most powerful way for you to discover your true purpose in life, is to imagine you’re at the end of your life, looking back.
Not from your perspective today, looking forward.
Imagine you’re at the end of your life looking back on what you HAVE already achieved.
Not looking forward to what you MIGHT achieve, based on what you believe is possible now.
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #1
This method is so powerful, for two reasons.
 First, looking back on your life, rather than looking forward, gives you a different perspective on what you would like to achieve, be known for and contribute to the world.
Because, psychologically, it lifts you out of what ever your circumstances are today.
Taking a step back and detaching yourself from your current situation, is powerful and liberating.
It gives you the opportunity to think about what you would like to achieve in your life without any of your perceived limitations.
Second, it gives you time.
And time is your greatest friend at this stage.
Let me give you an example to explain what I mean.
Let’s say your life purpose is to help one million children to become more confident and to find their true passion in life.
Well the conventional advice would now tell you to sit down and place a deadline on when you’re going to achieve your dream.
And then immediately start working out all the actionable steps you need to take to achieve it.
Well, unless that dream is within the realms of what you believe is possible… your subconscious mind is going to freak out!!
You’ll start arguing against yourself immediately…
“Who do you think you are…. What makes you think your qualified to enough to help one child, let alone one million… who’s going to listen to you anyway?!”
And you’ll throw away your dream, before you even start.
In contrast,
If you think of about your dream from the perspective of you looking back on your life – and put it this way…
 “I’m so proud that I helped 1 million children become more confident and find their true passion in life.”
Then your subconscious won’t freak out.
Because you’ve given yourself no time pressure to achieve it.
You’re not instantly overwhelmed by all the steps you need to take to get there.
You’re not giving yourself anything to worry about.
You know it’s going to happen. You just don’t know how yet.
And that’s all you need to do in this first stage.
Ok, so that’s why you should discover your life purpose from the perspective of you looking back on your life.
Rather than from the perspective you have now, looking forward.
And to start the creative process of discovering and summarising your life main purpose, take 8 sheets of paper and on one of the sheets of paper write down the following:
I woke up early on my 100th birthday.
(and you just change the birthday number to whatever you believe at the moment)
So, I woke up early on my 100th birthday
I walked over to my window and opened the curtains
As I looked out onto the garden, I noticed the warm glowing colours of the most beautiful sunrise reflecting off the morning dew.
And in that moment of quiet serenity I felt an amazing sense of gratitude for…
Then you just finish the sentence.
What is the one overriding thing you want to achieve in your life.
Write down the one thing that would give you the greatest amount of enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction.
Here’s a four tips to help you with this step:
#1. Be self-centered when figuring out your life purpose, just for this step. And what I mean by that is, don’t write down that your main purpose in life is to bring up a loving, caring, supportive, well-adjusted and happy family.
For now, just presume that’s all going to happen anyway.
 #2. When you imagine yourself waking up on your birthday, immerse yourself in the scene.
Close your eyes and feel the cotton bed sheets as you wake up, feel the carpet between your toes as you walk over to the window.
Notice how the room is decorated, hear the birds singing, feel the warmth of the sunrise as you look out of the window.
The more ‘real’ you can make this, the easier it will be to discover what your true purpose is.
 #3. Please keep in mind that this is a summary of your greatest achievement.
Just a brief outline of what it is that you’ve achieved.
You don’t need every last detail at the moment, you don’t need to know how you’re going to achieve it.
You’re just trying to discover what would give your life the most meaning, the most satisfaction… the most purpose.
To give you an idea of what I mean, the first time I wrote out that sentence it ended like this…
 “And in that moment of quiet serenity I felt an amazing sense of gratitude for…
being able to help millions of people around the world live a better life”
And that was it.
I didn’t have a clue on what part of their lives I was going to help them with, what I wanted to do or how I was going to do it.
All I knew was, whenever I imagined myself waking up on my 100th birthday, the one thing that kept coming to mind when I came to the end of that sentence was, “being able to help millions of people, around the world, live better lives.”
I just wrote it down. That was my life purpose, my mission.
And then, of course, the more I thought about it, the more I trusted it – then the more the idea evolved.
The more the idea evolved and developed the more detailed my life purpose became. and the more detailed my purpose became I had more ideas on how to achieve it.
And I’ll cover that whole process with you in the next episode.
Grant J Marsh, The Super Now Wow Show, How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part #1
And my final tip for this step is this…
#4. Allow yourself time to think, with no limits.
Linger on that sentence… just keep thinking about it.
Go to sleep every night thinking about it.
You’ll know when you’ve discovered your life purpose. You’ll just know.
You may discover it in five minutes… and that’s perfect.
Or, it may take you five months… and that’s perfect.
How long it takes isn’t important.
The only thing that is important, is that you don’t stop thinking about it until you discover what it is that you most want to do.
Ok, that’s step one done.
Now, let’s go through…
Step 2
This is where you discover and summarise how the rest of your life would be, if you had your dream life.
And to help you achieve that and keep your thoughts organised, you should divide your life up in to different categories.
Obviously, you will have your own ideas on what areas of your life you want to focus on. But to get you started, this is what I suggest you do…
Take your remaining seven sheets of paper and then write down the following titles at the top of each page:
#1- Spirituality and Character
For some this category could include their faith
For me, I used it to identify the person who I wanted to be, my character.
#2 – Health and fitness
#3 – Family, friends, social relationships
#4 – Career, business, work
#5 – Love, romance, partners
#6 – Wealth, recreation, quality of life
#7 – Community, Charity and Contribution
You then choose one of those categories and you think about what that particular area of your life would look like if everything was perfect… if you we’re living your dream life.
Once you start coming up with some ideas, write them down on the page as short statements.
But, and this is important, you write down the statements as they are fact – already a reality in your life – whether they are yet or not.
For example.
If you were working on the category of health and fitness, you may sit down and think:
 “Mmm… well, if I were living my dream life…
I would weigh this much
I would exercise three times a week
I would eat more healthily and have a balanced diet.”
You then take those ideas and write them down as fact, which would be something like:
“I find it easy to maintain the perfect weight
I love exercising at least three times a week
I enjoy eating healthy and nutritious foods.”
Ok, so always write the statements as fact – not as hope or ambitions…
and I’ll explain why that’s so important in next week’s episode.
Then that’s it, you just simply repeat that process for each of the 7 categories of your life.
And just like the first step, don’t get bogged down with too many specific details at this stage.
All you’re aiming for is a high-level overview of what your dream life would look like.
Because remember, the purpose of this first stage of Dream Trust Achieve Method, is to do just two things…
1. Discover
To start thinking and discover what you want to achieve in your life, and
2. Summarise
So, once you’ve discovered your dream or life purpose, write down a summary of what that is.
Ok, so that’s how you start creating your ‘8-Page Life Planner’
With pages 1 to 7 covering all the main areas of your dream life and page 8 summarising your main mission in life… your life purpose.
And, keep in mind, that your planner should and will evolve.
As your thoughts develop and become more clear, you should be tweaking it, removing things from it and adding ideas to it.
Especially in the early days.
Because this ‘8-page life planner’ is just the start
But as you know, you cannot achieve anything until you decide to start.
And you’re either going to decide to take action and begin this Dream Trust Achieve method or you’re not.
And that’s fine, it’s your choice.
But I know it would help you to take control of your life and start you on a journey towards the life you want and deserve.
I know that because I’ve learned, developed and applied this method in my own life.
But before you can start that journey…
You’ve first got to decide to begin.
Are you going to continue living a largely frustrating, unfulfilled life – constrained by periods of self-doubt, worry or fear; or
Are you going to decide today to begin your journey towards the fulfilled, rewarding, enriched, purposeful life you want and YOU deserve.
I believe this is your time.
And like I always say
This week, these days, this ‘NOW’ is going to pass anyway.
So why not decide to make this ‘NOW’ your time to begin?
Decide to make this ‘NOW’ your super now…
A super now, that when you look back on, will make YOU go ‘WOW!’

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