Self-limiting beliefs: Just perceptions, but Not your perceptions
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SNW 001: Do You Know Who You REALLY Are?

Self-Limiting Beliefs: Do You Know Who You REALLY Are?

Episode Summary:
Your past is controlling how you think, how you feel and what you believe is possible: right NOW!
This episode will inspire you to WANT to change and show you HOW to change.
So you can set free your passion, your ambition, your hopes and dreams and then evolve in to the person you WANT and DESERVE to be.

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Episode Transcript:

I believe you deserve to wake up every morning with an unwavering belief in yourself…

ready to work towards your dreams, full of passion and energy… without fear of failure or ridicule.
You deserve to live your life full of confidence, with optimism and ambition and joy…
And you deserve to end each day with peace of mind, feeling in control and encouraged.
And even after the toughest of days – where it’s felt like your whole world was falling apart – you gain strength from knowing that, deep down, everything will be alright.
Feeling safe and loved… feeling happy.
And when you consider…
That from earth’s creation 4.5 billion years ago, through to the fist spark of life appearing nearly 4 billion years ago. Through hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, through to your grandparents meeting. Through to your mum and dad meeting, through to your creation.
What an inconceivable, mind-blowing, miracle it is that you’ve even experienced life.
Self-limiting beliefs: You deserve to wake up every morning with an unwavering belief in yourselfThat you even know what being alive is… you’d think it would be easy to feel confident, optimistic, in control and happy.
But for many it’s not easy, for many it’s a struggle.
Many of us have doubted ourselves, many have experienced stress and anxiety.
Many of us haven’t started something in life because we feared failing and feared ridicule.
Some of us give up, the moment we experience a setback.
Some feel trapped by their circumstances, some feel frustrated and angry, some blame others, some feel empty and unfulfilled.
Some feel frightened, some feel overwhelmed, some lack energy, some put-off doing anything – for ever.
Some self-sabotage their success, some take no responsibility, some criticise others to deflect attention from themselves.
Some constantly compare themselves to others, some talk themselves out of trying anything.
Some are on fire, confident and feel like they can achieve anything one week; but are hesitant and full of self-doubt the week after.
Some have impressive ambitions and talk in great detail about what they’re going to achieve in life. But it’s always going to start next week, or next month, or next year… and in the end they never take any action.
And on a different level, some experience periods of depression through their life and during these times feel isolated, detached and hopeless.
I know some people experience these struggles… because I have.
Every single negative emotion, every self-limiting belief and even the periods of depression that I’ve just mentioned… I have, one time or another, experienced all them.
And I left a load off! Trust me, you haven’t the time to go through my whole back catalogue of bouts of depression, self-confidence issues and self-limiting beliefs!
But, I do want to share quickly with you my story that has led me to creating this show.
It began with business failure in 2008. After 8 years, I had to liquidate one of my companies because it was in too much financial trouble.
To start the liquidation formally, I had to attend what’s called a Creditors Meeting at an insolvency practitioners office.  During these meetings you hand over your business to the appointed liquidator and your business, and your control, has gone.
Until this meeting, I had dealt with the problem in a very matter-of-fact way. But as I sat in the reception area of the insolvency practitioners office, waiting for the meeting to start, my mind filled with thoughts of the people I had let down:
My staff
My customers
And, of course, my family.
I felt embarrassed, disappointed and guilty….
During the drive home, after the meeting, I was trying to find answers to why the business failed. And I asked myself three questions:
Did I CHANGE enough?
Was I BRAVE enough?
Was I even GOOD enough?
And I didn’t like the answers. I couldn’t face the truth, so I ignored it.
I continued running my other companies. Went to work, 9.00 to 5.00, 5 days a week and did… well, very little.
I felt down, lacked energy, no enthusiasm, everything seemed difficult – it was a chore.
I knew I shouldn’t have been ignoring the reasons why my other business failed. I knew I should have been learning from my mistakes.  I knew I should have been finding new ways to grow and develop both myself and the business.
I knew all of that on a conscious level. But still, I did nothing.
And this didn’t continue for a few weeks, or even a few months. This went on for 2 years!
And the longer my inaction went on, the more angry, frustrated and down I felt.
It eventually got so bad I knew I had to do something. I was living without passion, ambition… hope.  I knew if I didn’t work out what was going on now and corrected it, then I probably never would.
So, I started with continually asking myself the same question…. WHY?
WHY do I feel this way? WHY do I have no energy? WHY is everything feel like a chore? WHY did the business fail? WHY did I think I wasn’t good enough?
I was like a three year old kid…. WHY? WHY? WHY?
The next step was to find some answers to all these questions I was asking myself!
So, I went away and learned. I’ve studied psychology, personal development methods and neurology.
I’ve studied some of the most successful people in the world, to try to get an insight on how they manage, how they think.
I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of audio, read countless blogs, magazine articles and reports. Studied a whole host of ideas and philosophies from the ancient art of meditation right up to the new thoughts on the law of attraction.
Some of the information has been great, some though-provoking, some enlightening, some inspirational and some just plain stupid and wrong.
So, do I now know the secret to the perfect life?
No! – And that’s the end of this show, until next time…
Only joking. But no, I can’t sit here and say do these ten things and you’ll never feel frustrated.
You’ll never get sad, or bad things will never happen and by next week you would have reached your full potential and spend the rest of your life skipping around a field full of daisies!
There is no one magic bullet.
But I have worked out where to start.
I’ve also worked out enough to take me from a place of failure and the following two years of living my life without passion, ambition, or hope – to someone who feels alive again!
To someone who has since, with no previous knowledge or experience, built their own websites, launched over 400 micro-sites, created over 450 video presentations and built hundreds of complex automated sales sequences for my business.
And I’ve also worked out enough to take me from a laughing stock of business owner, to someone who now helps other business to grow. Training them how to use the latest technologies to share, serve and engage with their customers. Showing them how to build a trusted, valued and pioneering online businesses.
And I’ve worked out enough to take me from someone who carried out just ONE business idea in eight years in my old business, to someone who has since founded the ‘The Dream Trust Achieve Academy’. And created many training programmes, authored a book and, of course, launched this show on both Youtube and iTunes.
I don’t say any of that to brag, or to try to impress you. I’m sharing it with you to get you thinking about your own potential, your own possibilities in life.
This is not about me, I’m no better than you. I want you to think, ‘if this Grant can go and figure a few things out and achieve this… imagine what I could achieve!’
Ok, so let me explain to you where you do start.
Think about these questions for me…
Do you think you’re old or young? Confident or shy? Lucky or unlucky? Well-spoken or unclear? Healthy or unhealthy?
Whatever your answers were to those questions, that’s your view of yourself.
And you’ve built up a comprehensive view of yourself. You have an opinion on everything about you:
Your body, age, intelligence, personal ability, personality traits, your achievements and so on.
But here’s the thing. Your view of yourself, is just your PERCEPTION. A point of view, that you’re claiming as reality!
I’ll answer one of those questions I just asked you, to show you what I mean.
‘Do I think I’m old or young?’
Well, I’m 44 and if would have been asked this question when I reached 40 – I would have said old!
You ask me today, and I would say, a (young) middle aged.
Ask my 15 year old daughter the same question, and she tell you I’m ancient!
Ask my 87 year old neighbour and she’d say I’m young (hopefully!).
All different answers, all just perceptions which are accepted as reality.
The truth is this:
Everything you believe to be true of yourself, and others, and the world, and what’s possible and what’s not…
If you believe your good at sport, but rubbish at business…
If you believe you could earn £30,000 a year, but not £100,000…
If you believe you could own a 1/2 million property, but never a £1 million one…
Everything… EVERYTHING is your just your PERCEPTION of reality. Your interpretation.
And maybe that wouldn’t be so bad… but it’s not even your perception!
You wasn’t born with this view of yourself and the world around you.
You didn’t come home from hospital for the first time and think:
Well, that’s just great. We live in a terraced house, my Uncle Richard is fat and I’ve just seen on the news a recession is on its way. Bang goes my life. People like us never get a great paid job, but I’m worried even when I get a job, I’ll lose it again with this recession looming. Then I’ll be sat at home, watching Jeremy Kyle and getting fat like my Uncle Richard. Then I’ll die young.
Of course not, when you’re young your full of wonder, enthusiasm and have no preconceived ideas on what’s possible or not.
Your perception has come from your parents, schoolteachers, friends, previous boyfriends and girlfriends, their parents, existing partners, television shows, advertisements, travel, newspapers, the Internet, films, Twitter, Facebook.
All of them have shaped your opinion of yourself, of others, your environment and what you believe is possible and not possible.
And you unconsciously LIVE YOUR LIFE by your perception, what you believe to be true.
Now consider this.
Your perceptions have all been created in your past.
So, it’s your past that is controlling how you react, how you behave, how you decide NOW.
Your past is controlling your thoughts and your emotions NOW.
Self-limiting beliefs: gain strength from knowing that everything will be alrightAnd if your perception – that has grown, developed and matured in your past – says:
You cannot do this, or you’re no good at that. Or you can’t travel, or you can’t start a business. Or you can’t earn that much, or be that lucky, or be outgoing, or be confident. Or you’ll never find the love of your life, or be that creative, or be that happy.
Whatever it is, whatever YOU BELIEVE IS TRUE – you will continue to prove yourself right.
If you perceive yourself to be unlucky, you will be.
If your perception is you can’t start a business… you won’t.
If your perception is life is a struggle… it will be.
If you perception is money is hard to come by… it will be.
And every time YOU prove your perceptions right, it just deepens your beliefs further.
It reminds me of that famous story of the baby elephants at the circus.
They take the elephants young to train them and then at night, put a rope around their necks which is attached to a massive stake in the ground.
This is a large stake, going deep into the ground. These elephants may be babies, but they’re still strong and they don’t want them escaping.
The baby elephants struggle, twist, turn, pull and push for a few hours – but it’s no use, they realise they can’t escape and stop. The same happens the next night, the night after and again and again.
Then one day, they put the rope over the elephants head and they don’t struggle to try to get free. They know it’s pointless. They can’t escape.
From then on the trainers simply put a rope around the elephants neck. No need to attach it to a massive stake, the elephants PERCEPTION is it cannot break free.
That’s the elephants reality – even though it’s no longer true.
But, the elephants belief that he cannot escape, grows even stronger by the next night.
Because, the night before he proved himself right. He thought he couldn’t escape – and he didn’t.
It doesn’t matter that he didn’t even try. What matters is that before last night the elephant believed once that rope goes around his neck, there he stays – he will not escape and he proved himself right.
That grew this belief in stronger and so tonight he is even more convinced he is going nowhere!
Remember, your past has created your perceptions. Your perceptions ARE controlling your thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions and experience NOW.
And what your thinking, believing, feeling, doing and experiencing NOW – are deepening these perceptions, deepening your beliefs even further.
Which means you will continue to experience the same thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions and experiences in the future. Nothing will change.
So what can you do about it?
Well, the first step is this.
Become more self-aware. More aware of your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs. More aware of what’s happening NOW.
And if you’re feeling frustrated, or unconfident, or anxious, or pessimistic… ask yourself WHY? Why am I feeling this way?
Become aware of your self-limiting beliefs. If you catch yourself saying, “Oh, I could never do that,” or “Something is bound to go wrong,” or “I’ll never lose the weight!”
Then question yourself: ‘Why did I say that? Where has that belief come from? Is it really true?’
And be aware of your thoughts. We produce around 50,000 thoughts every single day and some reports claim that 75 to 80% of them are negative. Think about what you’re thinking about. And then ask yourself: Why am I thinking this way.
Remember, it’s your past that is creating your NOW. If you don’t question your beliefs, thoughts, actions and emotions NOW – you’ll keep getting the same results, the same experiences in the future.
To CHANGE your future experience, you have to START with being aware of your NOW.
Ask yourself WHY you’re feeling a certain way?
WHY your thinking what you’re thinking?
And question your perception of yourself, rather than just accepting it as fact.
If you do that, you’ll have loads of questions and you will start finding answers to them.
And I can help you find those answers both through the content we deliver to our Super Now Wow Members
(you can join for free on the home page of this website)
and through this show.
Where in each episode, I’ll try to…
First, INSPIRE you enough to want to change, and
Second, show you how you can change.
So why am I calling this show ‘Super Now Wow’, what does it mean?
I’ll explain everything in the next episode.
But, in short, it means:
Make this moment in your life the best you can. And if you’re feeling negative, ask why. If you’re beliefs are limiting, question their validity. Keep questioning, keep learning how you can overcome it and alter it.
Because, in time, that will change your perceptions for the better. And these new beliefs will be the foundations of your future.
Look, I’m not saying I’m perfect. Believe me, I’ve been a professional idiot most of my life.
I’m not saying I know everything and you won’t always agree with everything I say…
I’m not even saying I can change the world…
But together we can change our worlds, which in turn will change our families and friends worlds and their families and friends worlds. And as the passion, the positivity and the hope grows and reverberates it will positively impact the lives of peoples we don’t even know.
NOW is the time to stop feeling discouraged and resigned and inferior
Now is the time to stop limiting yourself, through the thoughts and opinion of others….
Now is the time create a new belief on what you can achieve…
Now is the time to stop be a passenger in your own life, to take control and start creating the life you want to live
Now is the time to realise that you have the power to choose what you think, how you feel and what you believe…
Now it the time to breakout from your self-imposed cage and set free your passion, your ambition and your hopes and dreams
Because NOW is YOUR time. Your time to realise and appreciate your own beautiful uniqueness and trust that you WILL grow and learn and evolve in to the person YOU want to be.
Because remember this week, these days… this NOW – is going to pass anyway. So make this now a super now, a super now that makes you go “WOW”.

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