How to lose weight - Do NOT diet. 3 Reasons WHY they don't work
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SNW 005: How To Lose Weight… Do NOT diet

How To Lose Weight… Do NOT diet

Episode Summary:
If you want to lose weight – permanently… then do NOT diet. In this episode I explore the 3 reasons why people struggle to lose weight by dieting and share with you the three simple steps to follow to lower your weight… for good!

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Episode Transcript:

I’m not a doctor, a dietician, a nutritionist, scientist or a physician.

lose weight, don not dietNor am I the author of one of the 30,669 weight loss books available on Amazon when I checked the other day.
Thirty thousand, six hundred and sixty-nine books on weight loss. And I only checked the UK Amazon pages.
If, on average, each book contained 250 pages – that is 7 million, 667 thousand and 250 pages written about the subject of losing weight.
If, on average, each page contained 250 words – that means today there are:
One billion, nine hundred and 16 million, eight hundred and twelve thousand, 500 words you can read on the subject… in the UK alone.
And that’s just what is available right now. It doesn’t include all the other hundreds of thousands of weight loss books published since the first diet book was written by a William Banting in 1863.
One billion, nine hundred and 16 million, 812 thousand and 500 words on a subject that could be boiled down to just four:
Eat Less. Exercise More.
Barring any medical conditions – and I stress once again, I’m Grant Marsh the Super Now Wow Show host – not Dr. Marsh the Bariatric Physician.
But, barring any medical conditions your weight will be the total number of calories you consume minus the calories you burn off.
If you have a surplus of calories – you’ll put weight on.
If you burn off the same as you consume – you’ll stay the same.
And if you burn off more than you consume you’ll lose weight.
We know that. So why do so many people struggle to lose weight?
Why do so many people buy a diet book, before they’ve even tried the obvious: eat less, exercise more?
There’s a three main reasons for that.
First, it’s hard work.
When we go on a diet, we’re giving something up. We’re depriving ourselves and that can be tough psychologically. Sometimes leading to an actual INCREASE in food intake or trigger bouts of binge eating.
Second, they may have been on a diet before and…
it either failed (and subconsciously we will do anything to avoid failing at something again); or
it worked initially, but it was such an unpleasant experience – they don’t want to repeat it.
And third, its not actually them that wants to lose the weight.
The idea that they should lose weight has come from somewhere else. Either directly from their family, partners, friends or indirectly, through the media.
If it’s not even their ambition, then they are not going to be motivated enough to take the steps to lose weight.
So they are the three main reasons for not starting the obvious: eat less, exercise more.
But, although we find it difficult to start a diet… doing nothing isn’t an option either.
If we do nothing, when we know we should be doing something – then that makes us feel hopeless.
Oh… now we’re in a bit of a fix.
We don’t want to diet, because we think it will be too tough, or we will fail – and we don’t want the feelings they bring.
But we can’t sit around and do nothing. Because if we do nothing, we will feel hopeless… and we don’t like feeling hopeless either.
So, to get ourselves out of this sticky situation – this is what we do:
We join a gym; or
We join a weight loss class; or
We buy a fitness DVD; or
We go to Amazon and buy a book!
Because we’re taking action. In our minds we’ve taken a step towards losing weight by ordering a book, or buying a DVD, or joining a gym.
Fair enough, we’ve not actually done one thing yet to lose any weight.
But because we’ve took some action, even if it is only ordering a book – it makes us feel better.
It holds off the fear of hopelessness.
And if we actually read some of the book, or go to the gym once, or attend one weight loss class… well, then we’ve practically made it.
We’d be so pleased with ourselves, we would probably go straight home and order our favourite take-away and crack open a bottle of wine to celebrate!
Listen, on a serious note. I’ve got no right whatever to dictate to anyone what weight they should be. I think, there’s often more important areas of our lives to focus on first.
BUT (and, as you know – I am not a Doctor :)) , but if you do want to lower your weight for good –  then I would follow these three simple steps…
Step #1. Do NOT diet. EVER
And I use the word ‘diet’ in the sense of people dieting to lose weight.
Dieting to lose weight is, in my opinion, just as stupid as gambling gain money.
As a short-term fix it may occasionally work, for a long-term change – it never works.
Going on a diet is at best a short-term solution.
It’s a nightmare while your on it and, unless you change your diet or the amount you exercise, the moment you finish it, you’ll steadily go back to the weight you were in the first place.
So, my advice is simple… DO. NOT. DIET.
Step #2. Do NOT Set Weight Loss Goals
Because setting a goal or a target is giving your subconscious the opportunity to sabotage your ambition.
If you failed in the past, or it was a struggle, or you achieved it but put the weight straight back on, or you’ve known someone important in your life who has failed…
Then you will not believe you can lose the weight.
Because all of those experiences would have created what you believe to be true, NOW.
We live in harmony with our beliefs.
If your beliefs are you cannot lose the weight and you press ahead setting up a weight loss goal anyway, you will fail. You will prove yourself right.
I know I keep repeating this point in each episode – but that’s because it is true and critical:
You will always, ALWAYS prove yourself right.
If subconsciously you believe you cannot be that weight – you won’t. Simple as that.
So, do NOT set weight loss goals.
Step 3 – DO decide you already ARE your ideal weight
Get a pen and paper and write down these three words:
Then add your ideal weight to complete the statement.
So instead of having a goal, which says “I aim to be that weight before the end of November.”
You now have a statement declaring “I am already my ideal weight.” Job done, I already am!
Then from this moment on, you do not have to worry about calorie intake, or how much exercise you’ve done this week.
You just focus all your efforts in getting yourself to really believe, to truly trust, you ‘Already Are’ whatever your ideal weight is.
So, how do you do that?
Depends on the type of person you are.
This is how I did it, when I wanted to get to my perfect weight:
Before going to sleep at night, I’d recall recent memories – like a previous holiday – and I would be my ideal weight in my imagination.
The event had just took place. But I’d go back in and mentally ‘Photoshop’ my own memory, so I looked like I should if I were my ideal weight.
I know… I know, it sounds weird.
But I found it powerful. Because by altering my recent memories, I found it easier to trick my subconscious into believing my statement.
For you it could be finding photos of yourself when you were your ideal weight.
Why? Because all of us have been our ideal weight at some point of our lives.
Your subconscious cannot argue with that, your showing it photographic evidence! Get that right, and it should be easier to get your subconscious believing you are that weight now.
You could even try self-hypnosis and I will go deeper into that subject in a later episode.
But briefly, just sit or lie down in quiet place. Close you eyes, relax, concentrate on your breathing. It’s not necessary, but after a while you can count down from 10 to 1 in your mind. You’re just going into a deep relaxed state – there’s nothing to it really.
And when you’re deeply relaxed, can visualise yourself being your ideal weight now. Or, maybe you’d prefer speaking to yourself in your mind… stating that your ‘Already Are’ your ideal weight.
Look, there’s no wrong or right way –
it’s just whatever works for you. Your job is to get your subconscious to believe you already are your ideal weight, one-way or another.
There’s no rush, you have all the time in the world.
This may not help you too much, if you’re of on holiday next week! But if your looking to have life-long weight control, with no more ‘diets’, then this is worth the effort and time.
And once you truly believe you already are your ideal weight, you would have changed your beliefs from “I could never be that weight” to “That’s what I ALREADY weigh.”
You’ve not given it a chance to argue with you!
And once you believe you already are, you will begin the process of proving yourself right.
Because You ALWAYS live in harmony with your beliefs, you WILL always prove yourself right.
You will not have to make a CONSCIOUS effort to do anything.
Just trust it will happen.
Of course, your diet may change, the calories you consume may change, the exercise you do may change.
At least one, maybe two – but probably all three of those will change. But you wouldn’t have made a conscious decision or effort to do any of them.
Your subconscious mind believes you are already your ideal weight, so it sets to work proving yourself right.
For example, this is how it worked for me.
I was 203 pounds, I set my ideal weight to 145 pounds.
I went through the process of getting my subconscious to believe I already was 145 pounds. And it took a while to truly believe it – probably around three to four months.
Within the next 12 months I weighed 145 pounds – my ideal weight.
That was around four years ago. And I’ve stayed within a couple of pounds of that weight since then.
And I didn’t make ONE conscious decision to do anything.
It may sound unbelievable, but to be honest – I didn’t even recognise what had happened until after I thought about it – after I lost the weight.
This is what happened.
Before my weight loss, I did no exercise at all.
But then we got a family dog… and within a few months I was walking 8 miles day!
I love walking. Apart from the obvious weight and health benefits, I listened to podcast and audio books to learn. I used the time to think, to get to know and understand myself better – if that makes any sense?
But, none of that was a conscious decision.
I didn’t sit down and write my goal is to weigh 145 pounds. I will buy a dog, I will walk 8 miles day, that will burn off this many calories, in turn that will lose this many pounds each month and by next February the 13th I would have hit my target.
It never entered my head – not once.
My diet also changed. Not dramatically, but it changed.
I was drinking far more water during the day – again, not a conscious decision.
And quantity of food I consumed changed. I was eating less, not purposefully… just because I wasn’t as hungry.
No diets, no deprivation, no embarrassing episodes down the gym…
It just BECAME.
I decided I already was my ideal weight, I believed I already was my ideal weight and then I became my ideal weight.
And this isn’t any new age, Law of Attraction theory: Where you think about what you want and it appears into your life with little or no action.
No, this IS NOT Law of Attraction.
This IS THE ‘Law of Reality’.
You are living your life true to your belief system.
If you go ‘on a diet’ – and, by the way, going ‘on a diet’ is in itself and admission that you will not stay your new weight. Because to stay your new weight, you would need to CHANGE your diet – not go on one temporary.
However, if you go on a diet to achieve a certain weight, that you subconsciously do not believe is possible – then you’ll fighting a massive battle with yourself. A battle that, ultimately, you can not win. And sometimes, this weight struggle and torment goes on for years.
Why struggle?
Don’t fight your beliefs, simply change your beliefs.
And I say ‘simply’ change your beliefs, because your beliefs are only your perception of what you believe is possible or not. It’s not the truth.
And getting to the truth of what you can or cannot not weigh, should be easy. Because, unless you were a 20 stone baby – you must have weighed your ideal weight at some time in your life!
You must have, it’s impossible for you not to have. So, barring any medical conditions, why can’t you weigh that again?
No, seriously… why can’t you?
Look at it the other way round.
You didn’t sit down however long ago it was when you were your ideal weight, and think to yourself:
My goal is to be three stone heavier in 3 years.
Mmm…. that’s tough. That’s one stone a year, just over a pound a month I’m going to have to put on. If I make a conscious effort to eat 5 mars bars a week and cancel my gym membership I may do it.
No… of course you didn’t. It just happened – all unconsciously. You made not conscious effort at all to gain weight.
So, simply believe you already are the weight you were – then the process will reverse.
And this doesn’t just apply to weight loss, it applies to anything you want to change or achieve in your life.
We have to stop over complicating things.
Change your beliefs first and then you’ll continually prove yourself right. Time and time and time again. Constantly delivering your hopes, dreams and ambitions – elevating you towards the life you want and deserve.
This week, these days, this now is going to pass anyway. So make this now a Super Now, a Super Now that makes you go wow!

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