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SNW 003: Do NOT set long term goals… Dream Trust Achieve

Do NOT set long term goals… Dream Trust Achieve

Episode Summary:
In this episode I reveal 3 reasons why you SHOULD NOT set long term goals. I will also explain a 3-step process that will show you:
First, how to create DREAMS that excite, motivate and ignite passion in you.
Second, how to TRUST that you will achieve them, and
Third, how you do ACHIEVE them.

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Episode Transcript:

Contrary to the popular belief of the personal achievement experts…

I believe you shouldn’t set long-term goals.
For these three reasons:
First, I know this isn’t an argument for not setting goals…  But I just don’t like the word.
I don’t know why, but whenever I imagine someone setting goals… I immediately think of 18-year old testosterone filled salesman standing in front of the mirror each morning shouting at themselves “Everyday I’m getting better and better!” – While slapping themselves around their face.
Second, hardly anyone does it. The Harvard Business School carried out a goal setting study on their students in 1979 and found that only 3% of them had written down clearly defined goals, with plans on how they will achieve them.
And these students weren’t kids, they would have would have been around 25, 26 years old. Harvard Business School had selected them – they were the elite men and woman of their time.
But still, only 3% of them had written goals with plans.
Just 3%…
So, frankly, even if it is the most scientifically proven method of achieving what you want to achieve – what point it is if nobody is doing it?!
I might as well sit here and say… the most guaranteed way to achieve what ever you want to achieve in your life is to run around Piccadilly circus every morning naked. It may or may not work, but it’s irrelevant anyway… because you would not do it!
And third, my biggest problem with goals is this:
It keeps people realistic.
And what I mean by that is if you sat down and wrote a long-term goal NOW… it will be within the realms of what you believe you can achieve. In other words, you’re goal will be realistic.
But, the problem with realistic goals is this:
They will not be big enough to excite you, energise you or motivate you enough to achieve it.
Look, don’t get me wrong. If you’re writing down long-term goals and then working back from the result you want to create actionable steps and it’s working for you – then great. Keep on doing it.
But if you’ve tried setting goals before and they haven’t worked; or you’ve never written a long-term goal down in your life… then these are the three steps I suggest you follow…
Step 1 – DREAM
Start by dreaming. I’m convinced the reason most people do not set goals is because they don’t know what they want… so how can they write them down!!
So here’s how you dream…
Image what your ideal life would be five years from now. Just daydream… make it up… you’re starting with a blank canvas.
And if your subconscious mind starts butting in to your thoughts with comments like.. Who do you think you are?!
Or… Yeah,  you wish! Or;  Come on, be realistic! – Then tell it to shut up!
Look the whole point of this is NOT to be realistic.
Who wants to be realistic?
Just Dream. Open your mind and start wondering. Daydream about it constantly.
Become immersed within your thoughts and ideas of your dream life.
Keep adjusting and tinkering… remember, it’s your complete fantasy world. Keep going, keep going… keep going until you have your ideal dream fully imagined in your mind.
And you’ll know when you have developed your ideal dream,  because you won’t be able to sleep. You’ll be so excited and full of adrenaline.
This process will unearth your TRUE passions in life.
And that’s what you want. That’s the secret ingredient that I believe goal setting doesn’t bring out.
Here’s a quick story to explain why I believe that’s true:
When I was young photocopier salesman, I read this book on setting goals. So I sat down and my first major long-term goal was to sell 100 photocopiers in one year and become sales manager.
Goals do not set them. Dream. Trust. Achieve. Grant J Marsh, Grant MarshGreat – how exciting!
That wasn’t my dream.. that didn’t ignite any passion in me.
This book also said I had to rewrite my goals every morning, then again every night…
And, look I’m not saying that’s a bad idea… but it’s a tedious one when – deep down – you couldn’t care less if you achieved the goal or not.
The truth is this:
I had written my goals within the limits of my beliefs. I thought the goal was realistic, I believed it was possible – but the goal BORED me. If your goals bore you, you’re not motivated enough to achieve them.
So… keep dreaming!
Keep living through it in your mind, keep adjusting if necessary.
Or, if you’re not jumping up and down with excitement with your dream – then scrap it and start again.
Just keep going until you can describe, in great detail and excitement, what your life will be like in five years.
It might take you a few days to do this… it might take you a year.
You may struggle, deep down to believe your dream is possible and that is all o.k.
In fact you should be struggling to believe it’s possible. If you’re not struggling to believe – the dream probably isn’t big enough.
So, don’t panic if you don’t believe your dream is achievable – because we have…
Step 2 – Trust
Once you have your dream, it’s then all about you believing it.
TRULY, DEEPLY… NO DOUBT believing in it.
So how do you achieve that?
You think through, or write down, your whole dream and begin every single sentence these three words:
You have to Bring your dream to the NOW. To the present tense.
By starting each statement with I AM ALREADY…
I am already… a successful owner of a business providing…
I am already… so happy, confident and in control of my own life.
I am already… healthy, I’m never ill and my ideal weight
I am already… proud to be able to help this community
I am already… THE expert in this particular subject
You’re telling your subconscious I already am what I want to be, or I’ve already achieved what I want to achieve.
Just keep going over it and over it,  repeating it… TRUST IT. Immerse yourself in it.
And you won’t have to make a conscious effort to do any of this…
If your DREAM is right and what you’re passionate about – you won’t be able to stop thinking about it!
But it will take some time. Don’t expect to believing your whole dream is achievable after five minutes. You’ve got a lot of untrue beliefs to remove your subconscious!
Just keep going, you will get there. And once you TRUST with every fibre of your body that you already ARE what you wanted to be and already HAVE what you wanted to have…
Then it’s time to move on to
The step where most people who have goals – but have never worked out how they are going to get there – fall down.
But you won’t, because you know Step 2.
In step 2, you’ve already trusted yourself enough to declare I already AM or I AREADY have achieved my dreams. These declarations would have changed your belief system and we live our lives in harmony with our beliefs.
Get that right and then the act of achieving your dream isn’t a chore, or a struggle… it will all develop and unfold naturally.
To help me explain what I mean, I’m going to share with you one of my self-limiting beliefs:
I can’t dance.
Full stop – end of story. I feel awkward, I panic, thinking everyone in the room is staring at me. I just can’t dance…. I’d rather be sat in a dentist chair having a root canal!
Did you pick up on how I started my belief statement?
It started with “I can’t”. It’s now. Present tense. Already true… I can’t dance NOW.
Not being able to dance is not a goal of mine… I didn’t start my belief with:
“I aim not to be able to dance by this time next year”
No… it’s I can’t dance NOW.
And… everything you believe to be true about yourself and what is possible and not possible are all now – all present tense. They’re already true.
So let’s rewind here and quickly review what’s happened so far:
In step 1 you developed your dream. It excites you, it energizes you – it impassions you.
Problem is, at this stage your limiting beliefs are shouting at you:
“Whatever! Who do you think you are? You can’t do that!”
Then in step 2, you’re building the trust that you can achieve your dreams by stating that you already ‘ARE’. That you’ve ALREADY achieved. It’s already true.
Once you trust in those statements and they’re instilled into your mind  – then your beliefs will change.
And they HAVE to change. You’ve given them no choice.
You’re not thinking that I aim to achieve this or that sometime in the future. You’re deciding… you already ARE or you already HAVE.
Then, because your subconscious believes you already ARE what your dream was – it will work with you… not against you.
For example, let me take you back to my dancing:
My subconscious believes I cannot dance, that’s my truth.
But, let’s say I ignored it as best I can and I walk on to the dance floor and start moving. A bit.
Do you think my subconscious mind is helping me?
Is it there thinking…
“Fair play Grant, funny for some reason I thought you couldn’t dance.. but now I know otherwise… So I’m going to help you out:
First, I’ll release a good dose of confidence for you…
Second, don’t worry about your arms that seem to have suddenly grown 30cms longer and be incapable of moving from your side. I’ve just sent a signal down to them asking them to raise up and move in time with the rest of your body.
Third, your legs… yes I know. Even though you’ve used them to walk on for the past 42 years – you now cannot move them. But don’t sweat it, I’ve already sent down their instructions not only asking them to move a bit, but to also do it in time.
And fourth, look… most of all don’t panic. Just relax – everyone in this room will be jealous of you soon. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you get a standing ovation by the end of this song!”
No of course it doesn’t. Your subconscious lives in harmony with your beliefs. Continuously proving yourself right!
I believe I can’t dance, my subconscious will live true to my beliefs – so what actually goes through my mind when I try to dance is…
“Err, what you doing?
No, seriously what you doing… you do remember you can’t dance!
Oh, I can’t believe your doing this – you’re not even drunk!
Well I’m not helping you out – those arms aren’t moving anywhere and the soles of your shoes aren’t moving one inch of the floor.
Everyone is staring at you. They’re all laughing – they’ll be talking about this for weeks to come!”
That’s why the second step of this formula – to trust in your dreams- is critical to you achieving them.
If you have a dream that you are passionate about. And then speak, act, think and write as  ‘I already AM’. Then your subconscious will, in time, shift from a position of “Yeah, whatever – that’s not possible” to a new position of…
“Oh, are you… we’d better do starting achieving this then.”
You will find that your whole life starts moving towards your dream, with little friction.
Because you decided you already ARE, it’s already true – it’s like the rest of the world then catches up with you.
You dream, you take control of your own life and you simply DECIDE TO BE.
And if you’re struggling to accept it’s that easy – then just think of a few of your own beliefs for a moment… and see how often you’re right…
If you believe you always catch colds – the subconscious thinks oh, do you – there you go then – here’s a virus.
If you believe you never win anything – guess what… the worlds proves you right, every day of the week.
If you believe you’ll never go somewhere on holiday – then you won’t… the time will never be right, or you’ll never have the money.
You are amazing… you are always right about yourself. ALWAYS.
So start changing your beliefs to match your dreams, by declaring that you already ARE.
You’ll continue to keep proving yourself right.
Listen, you deserve to have dreams that excite, motivate and ignite passion in you.
You deserve to have dreams that seem so outrageous now – you dare not even tell anyone else about them yet.
Your life shouldn’t be about being realistic. Stuff being realistic!
Was it realistic that you were even born?
Look at your life. Look at the wonderful coincidences that make up the fabric of your existence today.
Just decide to be the person you deserve to be and then the whole world will soon catch up with you.
Just decide TO BE ambitious, TO BE impassioned, TO BE optimistic, TO BE joyous, TO BE adventurous, TO BE alive and TO BE awake and ready to listen to your now unimaginable dreams.
Because this week, these days, this now will pass anyway. So make this now a Super Now. A super now that makes you go wow!

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