Beliefs: How They can create the life YOU deserve
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SNW 002: Create the life you deserve? This is where you start

Episode Summary:
In this episode I reveal the two reasons why anyone ‘puts off’ starting anything new.
You will also discover how you can increase and intensify your positive thoughts, which will create and strengthen your powerful emotions.
Your new, stronger emotions will help you form new empowering beliefs and reinforce existing positive ones…
In turn, these new beliefs will help you create the life you want and you deserve!

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Episode Transcript:

If you have a wish to change any area of your life:

be it your wealth, your career, your business, your education, your health, your social life or your emotional well-being…
Where do you start?
Well, you know, the best place to start anything is NOW.
But it’s not always that easy. Often it’s easier not to start NOW….
I will start learning about that subject, or how you do that… next week
I will start getting fitter… next month
I will start saving more… after the holidays
I will start my new diet… after the summer
I will start looking for a new job…. next year
I will start that business… the moment Jupiter aligns with Mars on the third Thursday in any January during a leap year!
There’s only TWO possible reasons you put off starting anything:
One, you’re not motivated enough to start whatever it is you’re putting off starting. It’s just not a big enough deal for you; or
Two, you don’t believe it’s possible.
Now, you may be aware of that belief, or it may have come from your subconscious mind. But either way, your beliefs are screaming at you: “NO. Can’t do it. Won’t do it, Don’t Start! “
They are the only two reasons:
You may be thinking, no Grant that’s not right. There are genuine reasons why I can’t start what I want to start yet.
Well let’s work through this…
Write down your own list. Just 5 sentences that you’ve said recently that started with the three words “I will start…”
Not ‘I will have…’ – That’s a future ambition. We’re just looking for five recent targets you’ve stated you’re going to start to do.
Then think about each of your sentences and be honest with yourself.
Every ambition or target you write down, but haven’t started yet will either be because:
One, it’s not important enough or serious enough to motivate you to act;
Often because they are not even your ambition. There someone else’s.
For example:
“I thought you were going to start to saving some of your wages this month?”
– “Oh yeah, but there was this party. And this came up that I had to pay for. I’ll start next month”
So the act of saving wasn’t even their ambition, so it’s not surprising they’re not motivated enough to start.
Or, the second reason for not starting is this:
You do not believe – for whatever reason – it is possible for you to achieve.
So the truth is this.
The real reason WHY you never start working towards what you want to DO and ACHIEVE in life, is because you do not believe it is possible.
It’s your self-limiting beliefs – your perception of yourself and what you believe will be difficult or not. What you believe is possible or not.
But you know, it’s hard to look at something you desperately want to achieve and admit that, deep down, you don’t believe in yourself enough to achieve it.
I know, I’ve done it myself.
So you keep telling yourself that one day I will START and then….
Become that fit, be that weight, start that business, live in that house, have that holiday, live that lifestyle, have that career, start that business, save that much… be that happy
Because it feels better to have false hope, than to have no hope at all.
But the problem with false hope is you end up taking no action at all, to change anything in your life.
Always fooling yourself that things are going to be different in the future.
But the future soon comes round and, of course, nothing changes.
Then eventually even your false hopes begin to fade.
You then become resigned and accept you will never achieve and experience your dreams.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Your beliefs are only perceptions… only what you believe to be true about yourself. It’s not THE truth.
But to change your future experience, you do have to start with your NOW. Because if you change nothing – you will continue getting the same results.
If you do nothing today, same thoughts, same emotions, same beliefs – causing the same actions – creating the same results and experiences tomorrow.
Do nothing tomorrow, same thoughts, same emotions, same beliefs – causing you to act the same – creating the same results and experiences the day after. And the day after, and the month after and the year after and so it goes on.
Your life becomes a big bunch of self-fulfilling prophecies:
You believe something to be true…
(because that’s what your parents believed, or your schoolteachers, friends, previous boyfriends and girlfriends believed. Or it’s what you saw on this television shows, or on the news, or in an advert, or it’s what you read in a newspaper, magazine or on the Internet)
And you will go out and act inline with your beliefs – to make them true – even if they are false!
Then you’ll look back on the whole line of events and say “Look, told you.. I was right all along.”
This reminds me of my Dad. I remember as a kid he kept saying he couldn’t do DIY. Actually – looking back, I think it was more of everyone else telling him he couldn’t do it.
Anyway, I was brought up with this. I took his belief and adopted as my own – so now I’m no good at DIY.
As far as I was concerned, that was the truth. Before I even tried to do anything!
So when I was asked… well forced to do something simple at home, like put a shelf up, did I do some research to find out what the right tools for the job may be? Did I search on YouTube to see what the best practices for putting a shelf up were?…
NO, of course I didn’t!
I’ve got to act inline with my beliefs. I had to struggle putting the shelf up – to prove myself right. I couldn’t be any good at it, because then I’d have proved myself wrong!
So I’d grab this massive hammer instead of a screwdriver, a few nails instead of screws. Matches instead of wall plugs and a glass of water instead of a spirit level and spend the next 5 hours hitting my thumb with a hammer, shouting and swearing. Once finished the shelf would be wonky, barely attached to the wall – with me packing my hammer away stating, triumphantly, “told you I was no good at DIY!”
Now that’s the self-fulfilling prophecy… proving yourself right, even when you’re wrong!
So what can you do NOW to break this cycle and ignite change your life?
Take control.
It’s your mind with the negative thoughts, it’s your mind creating the negative emotions, it’s your mind that’s absorbed your environment and developed your self-limiting beliefs.
Take control of your mind and disrupt any negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs. I say disrupt – I argue with mine.
If I now catch myself thinking… “You could never do that; or you’re no good at this”…
I’m like, “Oh, what made you say that?” “Where did that come from?” “No, come on I want some answers… why did you just say that?” “Where’s your proof?” “Oh, you don’t have any proof… well next time keep your unfounded opinions to yourself!”
Maybe that’s just me.
But this is your life…
If you don’t like the way your thinking or feeling or if you don’t like one of your self-beliefs – then challenge it!
Because if you can take control of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions you not only improve your immediate experience – you’ve also started creating a more wonderful future for you.
That’s why I called this show Super Now Wow. Because if you want the future you deserve, you need to work on what’s happening NOW. Now is where the magic happens – what you do NOW is creating your future.
And the phrase so make this now a Super Now Wow doesn’t mean I expect you to spend every single waking second of your life feeling ecstatic and euphoric… with a big grin on your face… saying to yourself: “I feel great… this is a Super Now Wow!”. Oh, I feel great again… “Another Super Now Wow!” Ooh… hold on a minute… there’s another one!
That would be exhausting… Not to mention unrealistic!
We need contrast in our life. That’s why we will purposely listen to songs, or watch movies or television shows that evoke negative emotions.
– A super now wow moment could be a spectacular event, that you will look back on and savour for the rest of your life; or
– A moment of fleeting joyous appreciation of your life, or health, or loved ones; or
– A super now wow moment could be seeing something that you see everyday of your life, but for the first time you don’t just see it. You look, really look and you feel it, and you think to yourself… that’s just beautiful; or
– A moment when you’re doing the ironing and you think I’m going to stick on some music and you start playing some of your old favourites, set the volume to max and you sing your heart out; or
– A super now wow moment could be catching a self-limiting belief and you refused to accept it as the truth. You questioned its validity and either removed it or learned how to overcome it; or
– A moment when out of the blue a glorious memory comes flooding back into your mind and you experience all those wonderful emotions you felt at the time all over again or;
– A super now wow moment is when your lying in bed at night and just at that very moment of falling to sleep, you feel all is well in your world.
All of them are super now wow moments.
A super now wow moment is being aware and taking control of what you’re thinking, feeling and doing.
Giving you the power to question and dispel or overcome any negative thoughts, emotions or beliefs; or
Giving you the awareness to build on and strengthen your positive thoughts, emotions and believes and to be fully present, with a heightened appreciation during those wonderful moments in your life.
Look, I know it’s tough to make a start.
But for YOUR tomorrow to be any different, you need to start changing today.
The more you can take control of your thoughts and emotions and the more you can be AWARE of your life today, then the easier it will be tomorrow.
The easier it is tomorrow, then the day after that will be easier still. And so it goes on.
Upwards and upwards, increasing and intensifying positive thoughts, creating and strengthening powerful emotions, forming and reinforcing new empowering beliefs, creating the life you want and you deserve to live.
So, start now because this week, these days, this now is going to pass anyway. So make this now a super now. A super now that makes you go WOW!

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