5 Life Changing habits that guide you to the life you deserve
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SNW 004: The 5 habits that will keep you on course towards the life you deserve

The 5 habits that will keep you on course towards the life you deserve

Episode Summary:
In this episode you will learn 5 daily habits that will keep you on course towards the life you want and deserve:
No matter what minor or major setbacks you endure, how much negativity you have to deal with and how many obstacles you face.
It’s my hope you learn and start adopting these 5 habits today

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Episode Transcript:

How do you keep your life on track?

No matter what minor or major setbacks you endure, no matter how many obstacles you face.
No matter how much negativity you have to deal with – you regain control of you life and restore your passion, energy, optimism, confidence… your belief.
Because being knocked off course is something we’ve all experienced during our lives.
Sometimes because of tragedies, or personal traumas, or poor health.
But it’s not just life’s major setbacks that can derail us.
Our senses are bombarded with fear mongering and negative rubbish every single day, that will – if left unchecked – build new or strengthen old self-limiting beliefs in us.
For example, people that you love will have this preconceived idea on who you are, how you should act and what you should think.
And if you step out of the boundaries of whom THEY think you are – they will often try to put you back in your place by saying:
“Oh, you don’t really mean that”; or
“Are you sure? I know what you’re like”; or
“I don’t think you’d be happy doing that”
It’s not because they don’t love you or care for you.
They do it because sometimes they fear the unknown, other times because they don’t like change and sometimes they’re just trying to protect you.
Occasionally, strangers will try to belittle you, or make you upset, or angry, or knock your confidence.
All because they’re trying to make themselves feel important in their own little worlds.
Like a motorist shouting a tirade of abuse and then driving off into the distance, or the faceless Internet trolls.
And then of course, you have the media. Now I know they don’t purposely go out to shatter peoples confidence and distinguish their hopes and dreams. But seriously, spend a week watching one of those 24-hour news channels and the only dream you’d be left with is, “I hope I don’t get murdered before the years out!”
Keeping my life on course, or even knowing what my ‘course’ was, was something I struggled with for many years.
I’d often go to work feeling confident, in control and all is well in life.
But as soon as a problem arose, or something didn’t go as planned – then I’d just give up on the day.
Other times it’s been more serious. There’s been times in my life when I felt down, lacked energy, enthusiasm, passion and ambition for a couple of years.
I wasn’t just ‘off-track’ – I was hopelessly lost!
But I learned 5 habits that not only gave me control of my life and gets me back on course if I suffer a set-back…
they’ve also improved my emotional well-being.
Actually, they’ve changed my life.
I’m now going to share with you these 5 habits and it’s my hope that you start adopting them… today.
Habit #1. Be aware of your emotions. Keep asking WHY?
Why am I feeling happy, confident, enthusiastic, proud or inspired?
Why am I feeling nervous, frustrated, insecure, angry or anxious?
Realise, there has to be a reason behind every single emotion you feel.
Of course, some of the answers will be obvious:
Why am I feeling happy? Because I’m on holiday, lying down on a sun-lounger, with the sounds of gently lapping waves in the background, with a pina colada in one hand and a great book in the other. That’s probably why I’m feeling happy at the moment!
But other times the reason WHY your feeling what you’re feeling won’t be so obvious.
So dig deep… you need some answers! And don’t just stop at your first reply…
For example, if you’re feeling negative… you may start with the question:
WHY am I feeling down? Well, it’s because I had an argument with my partner before we both went off to work this morning.
But don’t stop there. Keep digging:
WHY did we have an argument?
To be honest, the argument was over nothing. I was just feeling stressed because it was a Monday morning and I have to get through another week at work.
Don’t stop. Keep digging:
Why was I feeling stressed about another week at work? Because I hate my job.
And then you keep going. Why do I hate my job? Is it the work, your co-workers, your boss, the hours, the commute? – What is it? Keep going, dig out the real reasons.
Because just like a doctor diagnosing an illness. Once you know what’s causing the negative emotion, you can begin the process of curing it.
And it’s just as important to be aware of your positive emotions.
Because if you truly know what makes you feel confident, enthusiastic, proud or inspired you can repeat whatever caused it and strengthen those emotions.
When you adopt this habit, you’ll be more aware of the continuous wave of emotions running through YOU everyday.
Emotions that are controlling YOU everyday. So it’s critical that you are both aware of them and understand the CAUSE of them.
Habit #2. Take responsibility… for EVERYTHING that affects YOU
Don’t blame yourself, just take responsibility.
There is a difference.
Blaming – a situation, someone else, or yourself – is dis-empowering. Blaming is just focusing on the CAUSE or the ‘REASON’ of why something isn’t right.
However, taking RESPONSIBILITY is empowering. Taking responsibility goes beyond the CAUSE or the REASON of why something has happened.
Taking responsibility is looking at the situation, and thinking ‘what can I do about it?’
Here’s two examples to help me explain what I mean:
First, you’ve had a bad day at work. You’re in a fowl mood… AGAIN.
If you BLAME work – you’re saying there’s the reason for my mood… and that day at work has already happened – I can’t do anything about it.
If you take responsibility, you’re now thinking differently….
‘I know I’m in a bad mood, I know works causing it.
If I’m honest, these moods are getting more regular. What’s changed at work to cause this?’ You then keep digging, find the real reason and then take the necessary steps to make the changes you need to.
You’re in control.
Second, you have an almighty argument with your partner – clearly their fault!
If you blame them, you’re saying ‘Nothing to do with me, can’t do anything about it now. The fault clearly lies at their door, completely out of my control.’
But, if you take responsibility you’ll think ‘Not sure what caused that.
I wonder if they’ve had a bad day at the office, or if there’s something else I don’t know about? I’ll speak to them once they calmed down.’
You take responsibility, you take the steps to try to correct the cause.
You’re in control.
Taking responsibility for EVERYTHING that affects you, will be the most empowering habit you will ever gain.
It changes your mindset from someone who was or is a ‘Victim’ to someone who’s now ‘In Control’.
Habit #3. Point-Blank Refuse To Let Anyone Else Affect You Negatively
If somebody is rude to you at work, somebody cuts you up in the car, shouts at you… whatever it is – if anyone has impacted you negatively, refuse to accept it.
Nobody has the right to bring you down… refuse to give them that power.
Just think to yourself… They’re no more important than me, I’m not accepting it.
The truth is that person didn’t mean it personally to you anyway.
They were probably having a bad day themselves.
They probably just had someone negatively impact them and they’re just passing it on! It’s up to you to break that negative sequence!
Otherwise you’ll come home and pass it on to your family… and so the cycle continues.
Habit #4. Exercise
Out of all of these five habits, this one has probably had the greatest impact on my life.
It’s made an enormous difference to my health, my thoughts, my education, my emotional well-being and my creativity.
My day used to start with at least three hits of the snooze button, a big rush to get ready and then straight to work. My day had begun stressed, my head cluttered, with no planned thoughts of what I was going to achieve that day.
Now, I get up around 5.15 am every morning. Walk around 5 miles. I listen to podcasts and audio books to learn.
I think, it gives me focus, I’m more healthy and I have more clarity. I feel less anxious, more happy and with a feeling of being in complete control of my day before it begins.
I then walk a further 3 to 4 miles every evening. During this walk I think about what’s gone on in the day.
I’ll often ask myself questions on what I should do if I face a particular challenge or I’m ‘stuck’ on something. And more often than not I’ll have a break-through.
It has changed my life!
And listen, I used to hate exercise. I used to get a stitch walking up the stairs a little too fast.
Actually, I remember listening to these self-help tapes in my car – probably 15, 20 years ago.
And there would be a cassette titled: “5 steps to become the best business person in the world ever… by Friday.”
And I’ll listen intensely to the steps, one by one…
Step 1. You must write down your goals every morning and every night… and recite them and chant them in a mirror…
“O.k, I’ll give it a go.”
And the items on the list would become more and more bizarre.
But, I’m keen to achieve, so I’m thinking, “alright then, I’ll give anything a go.”
Then the 5th one would have been get up early in the morning and start the day with exercise.
And I’m thinking… “You’ve gone to far now, I’m not doing that.”
“I’ll chant to myself in front of a mirror with £100 pounds balanced on top of my head – if you think it will help…
but I’m not walking!”
So, if you don’t exercise daily in the morning – I urge you to try it. Even if you just get up 15 minutes earlier and do some exercise from the comfort of your own home – it will make a huge difference to your life.
Habit #5 Appreciate Who You ARE – Be Less Hard On Yourself
It’s all too easy to have your head full of negative thoughts about yourself…
I mucked this up, or I failed at this, or why aren’t I more confident, or more intelligent, or more happy. Or why can’t I get motivated, why do I have no willpower, or why can’t I be more like them?
If you start getting these self-critical thoughts… then STOP.
Go and stand in front of a mirror and look deep into your own eyes.
I mean, really look deep and think to yourself. It’s alright, everything will be alright. I’m learning, I’m developing, I’m heading in the right direction – I will have the life I want and deserve.
And then following that think about all the things you are truly thankful for. Just dwell and immerse yourself with those thoughts.
Finally, realise how important you are to so many peoples lives.
And I mean… REALLY think about this…
How many lives do YOU positively affect each and every single day?
That’s how important you are – that’s how wonderful you are.
Grant J Marsh, grant marsh, grant, dream trust achieve, 5 habits, self helpSo, if you muck something up – so what?
Forgive yourself and remember your amazing achievements.
Start adopting these five habits and…
you’ll become more aware feelings.
The more aware you are of your emotions, the greater the control you will have on them.
The more control you have of your emotions, the more you’ll increase your self-belief.
The greater your self-belief, the more you’ll believe you can achieve your dreams.
The more trust you have in your dreams, the easier it will be to believe you already are and already have what you dream for.
And the more you believe you already are and already have what you dream for – the more the whole world will catch up with your beliefs and provide you with the life you want and deserve.
Yes, sometimes you’ll feel frustrated, sometimes you’ll question your ability, sometimes you’ll be angry…
Look, bad things happen during our lives that knock us of course.
But adopt these 5 habits and they will become your internal sat-nav.
Whatever happens, no matter how lost you get… trust that you will get back on track.
Trust that you WILL get there.
Don’t be so hard on yourself, celebrate your achievements and start realising and  appreciating your own beautiful uniqueness.
Because this week, these days, this now is going to pass anyway. So make this now a Super Now, a Super Now that makes you go WOW!

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