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Grant Marsh, Grant J Marsh, Super Now Wow, Dream Trust Achieve, Dream Trust Achieve Academy

Founder of ‘The Dream Trust Achieve Academy’

Founder of the IC Group of Companies

Creator of the ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse: The Complete Master Plan’

Star and producer of the ‘Super Now Wow’ podcast and YouTube show

Creator of the ‘Total Flexibility Programme’

Author of the book ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse’

SNW 014: Part 2 of 3: How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve

How To Achieve The Life You Want and Deserve Part 2 of 3 - Trust: How To Change Your Beliefs So You Can Achieve Your Dreams Links Mentioned In Show: (Examples of the memes mentioned in this episode can be found in the transcript below) Meme Generators: Free Stock Images: ---------------------------------------------- Episode...

SNW 011: Do You Actually Learn and Grow From Mistakes?

Do You Actually Learn and Grow From Mistakes? Episode Summary: When we're growing up we will, unconsciously, learn from our mistakes. That's what teaches us to move fingers away from closing doors, or what's cold enough to touch and what's too hot. However, we find it far more...

SNW010: How To Be Empowered AFTER Abuse

How To Be Empowered AFTER Abuse Episode Summary: Most of us have had people in our lives that have caused us pain. And sometimes that pain is hard to let go. Often leaving us feeling angry, hurt, bitter, confused or vulnerable. It can knock our confidence and severely damage...

SNW008: How To Cure ALL Fear of Failure

How To Cure ALL Fear of Failure Episode Summary: Fear of failure is dangerous. It's a hidden shackle on your mind that, if left untreated, severely limits your achievements and steadily erodes your self-esteem. If you suffer from this fear, and do not cure it, then -...

SNW007: Fear of Failure: Which Type Is Restricting Your Life?

Fear of Failure: Which Type Is Restricting Your Life? Episode Summary: I believe fear of failure is one of the most under diagnosed, misunderstood, mismanaged - constraining phobias around. Because people sometimes think they have it when they haven't, don't realise they have it when they do and don't...

SNW006: Is this YOUR life?

Is this YOUR life? Episode Summary: This episode tells a story of a man, seriously ill, looking back and reflecting on his life. He wonders if he has led a passionate, fulfilling, joyful life? Had he grasped life… or did he let it pass him by? He even has a...

SNW 005: How To Lose Weight… Do NOT diet

How To Lose Weight... Do NOT diet Episode Summary: If you want to lose weight - permanently... then do NOT diet. In this episode I explore the 3 reasons why people struggle to lose weight by dieting and share with you the three simple steps to follow to...

SNW 002: Create the life you deserve? This is where you start

Episode Summary: In this episode I reveal the two reasons why anyone 'puts off' starting anything new. You will also discover how you can increase and intensify your positive thoughts, which will create and strengthen your powerful emotions. Your new, stronger emotions will help you form new empowering...

SNW 001: Do You Know Who You REALLY Are?

Self-Limiting Beliefs: Do You Know Who You REALLY Are? Episode Summary: Your past is controlling how you think, how you feel and what you believe is possible: right NOW! This episode will inspire you to WANT to change and show you HOW to change. So you can set free your...

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